SEO & Content Creation – A Portfolio Of Life And Art.

Hi, folks! Welcome to my portfolio – Something I may or may not consider to be the bane of my existence.

I’m Ananya, an SEO copywriter and content creator with over 4 years of experience up my sleeve. The content you see on my website is only a glimpse of my work from over the years. 

So, scroll on to know about my experience with all things copy, content, and SEO. If you’re interested in my rates, check this space or get in touch with me through this portal.

Happy reading!

The Portfolio


I’m presently working with Dalstrong as an SEO and content lead. I’ve been delivering content with the highest-ranking scores on some of the largest SEO domains such as Cognitive SEO and Market Muse. Dalstrong has given competency a whole new meaning by enhancing the purpose and aesthetic value of premium cutlery.

Some Of My Tasks At Dalstrong Include:

  • Tracking trends and monitoring Google’s algorithm updates.
  • Conducting SEO audits and analyzing competitor tactics to improve organic ranking and increase copy-related lead conversion.
  • Collaborating with UX designers, E-commerce, and Growth Marketing Teams.
  • Utilizing 200+ Google algorithm changes to optimize landing pages, sales pages, newsletters, and email blasts.
  • Performing regular keyword research and executing short-form and long-form press publications, blogs, articles, and product descriptions.

To view my work with Dalstrong, check out my author’s page.

“Ananya has proven to be a prolific content creator, specifically when it comes to SEO focused blogs. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to improve their organic ranking to work with Ananya. I am constantly impressed with her ability to take feedback on board and strive to improve her craft with each new article. Her communication skills are incredibly appreciated when it comes to ironing out content briefs and streamlining the editorial process”.

– Kris Whelan, E-commerce & Content Manager at Dalstrong

“Ananya writes a wide range of SEO content and blogs for Dalstrong. She has a natural, approachable writing style that is easy for readers to digest. She’s organized and responds well to feedback”.

Abby Pollen, Senior Copywriter at Dalstrong

Land Services Group

Land Services Group is a cloud-based brokerage based in Toronto, Ontario. I worked with the company as an SEO advisor to help their organic ranking and to push out long and short-form press publications, as well as handle their social media pages.

An exciting opportunity that defined the trajectory of my career was when I interviewed brokers with notable backgrounds. I conversed with liaisons between NASA, European Space Agency, and the Canadian Space Agency who have firmly planted their feet to break ground (quite literally) in the world of brokerage – Both, cloud-based, and traditional. Which inspired the long-form press publication that was was written by me, to push out the vision of CEO Reza Esmaeili. Click here to read it. 

I worked on optimizing the company’s website and ran multiple audits to corroborate SEO practices. I was successful in producing an 85% hike that resulted in a 27% growth in terms of lead-generation. I managed to accomplish this by applying over 200 go Google algorithm updates to work in a proactive, rather than a reactive manner.

To see my work with Land Services Group, click here.

“I have had the opportunity to work with Ananya for the past couple of months, and have been consistently impressed with her diligence, initiative, and dedication. Ananya worked for me directly in the Marketing Department. She wrote content for the company’s website and social media accounts, advised on SEO, and researched and drafted long-form press publications. Ananya would be an excellent addition to your company. She is a passionate team player who is organized, communicative, and committed to getting the job done.”

Claudia Han, Marketing Director at Land Services Group


I worked as Pioneer’s content lead, writing product descriptions for their devices, while managing the public relations front, too. This gave me the opportunity to work extensively on their social media pages, helping Pioneer earn its own distinction in the tech space.

My last project with Pioneer was a unique kind – I drafted the company’s editorial guideline and pushed out their annual plans, with a detailed breakdown for each quarter that was led by key events in the transportation industry.

Such as, Operation Safe Driver Week, where I was the torch bearer in revealing the the IVMS device that would tackle the key issues on the road that were listed by The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health – NIOSH. 

Read My Long Form Publications For Pioneer here.

Other brands we worked with are no strangers to the transportation and tech industry – NOCELL and SOBEREYE. Lastly, we unveiled the company’s USP – ELDs (Electronic Logging Devices).

Pioneer is currently the only company in North America to implement and receive certification for this device, which has a high probability of saving many lives on the road and ensuring the safe return of their loved ones.

Read the social media content that I curated.

  1. Operation Safe Driver’s Week (Part 1)
  2. Operation Safe Driver’s Week (Part 2)
  3. Operation Safe Driver’s Week (Part 3)
  4. Tackling Risk Management With SoberEye
  5. Tackling Distracted Driving With NoCell
  6. What Is IVMS? (In-Vehicle Monitoring System)
  7. Risk Solutions With IVMS: In-Vehicle Monitoring System

The UN & other Canadian Foundations

These are a few pitches/raps that were created to bring aboard monthly and one time donors (OTGs) to support campaigns that surround social and humanitarian crises.

The brief mentioned the issues that a handful of countries are facing alongside the solution we would be providing in order to achieve relief. My skills and services were utilized to their absolute limit, which has been an honour of a lifetime, whilst I worked for Amnesty International, CAMH, Sunnybrook, Princess Margaret & SickKids Foundations.

The brief also included the expected monetary targets for EODs as well as annual ones. My job was to create copy that would cater all age groups with a specialized focus on 18-25 and 35-65. 

The copy produced by me was then circulated to over 200 fundraisers in order to attain these annual targets which was then successfully done in the year of 2019-2020.


Amnesty is the largest human rights organization in the world.  We operate on a global scale in 150 countries working together with 8 million members to protect human rights everywhere which is pretty important, right?

The issue that we’ve been focusing our attention on during the pandemic is protecting journalists’ rights to report on what is happening world wide. Have you heard any of the stories about journalists being silenced during these last few months?

Here at Amnesty, we’ve made quite a name for ourselves fighting to get prisoners of conscience (non-violent people who’ve been wrongfully imprisoned for who they are or what they believe) freed and charges revoked. We’ve actually gotten 50,000 prisoners of conscience released since our inception and we are fighting to ensure that these journalists will be no different.


“As one of the leading mental health centres in the world and in a time of adversity, it’s extremely important to us that we extend our reach to protect mental health in every way possible. Right now, we’re updating folks on the work that we’re doing here at CAMH, specifically concerning COVID-19. If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of impacts do you think this situation may have on a person’s mental health?

It’s quite easy to take action and be part of our urgent campaign. We are looking for help through the form of monthly gifts of any size. Our golden standard is $50, which essentially is two pots of brewed coffee a day for a month, to give you a better perspective.

We need more people like you who understand the impact of mental Illness to help fund the highest priorities of CAMH, which are constantly evolving at this time of crisis. We don’t know when and how long this situation may persist, or what challenge will be knocking on our door next, but if you have the ability to lend a hand, can we count on your support today?”


“We’re the largest and best children’s hospital in Canada. We treat more than 100, 000 patients​ every year. Unfortunately the government covers only a portion of what is needed for this project. To make this a reality, we need support from people like you and the community because we will all know someone at some point who will use SickKids. Assuming you don’t have that in your back pocket, we’re in urgent need of 1.3 billion dollars in the next 6 years to get this done – Yep, not an amount I’d carry in my pocket. But, we’re elated to share that we’ve already raised a staggering 900 million dollars, so we’re very close to the finishing line and need a little push. We’ve come so far as a community & now more than ever, we need you, the people, to get on board so we can make this a reality”.

Amazon & Grainger

Followed is the copy that I’ve created within the mainline frame for Amazon and Grainger for my clients such as Bob Dale, BOSS, Loctite, Ralston and many more. 

Target Audience : Amazon & Grainger’s customers are typically experienced buyers with industrial trades’ knowledge.

Procurement officers and managers are one of the main types of buyers for the large commercial businesses that they serve.

Grainger has many large national account customers in oil and gas, manufacturing, and medical industries, along with medium and small businesses who focus on industrial.


On the contrary to Industrial Goods, we have some Romance copy here for e-Commerce goods at Leon’s. This one was written for their “Gia 2 Piece Blue Sectional with Right Facing Chaise”

I’m a part of their Freelance roster to develop a brand voice and create an unconventional, yet savvy annual magazine. Their first target audience consists of millennials and matriarchs who are the primary decision makers of the household.

Their second target audience consists of “The OG base”. These are 50 y/o+ homeowners, skew male. The challenge was “to refocus on targeting the new Primary target, without alienating the Secondary.”

Cornershop by Uber

Whilst on Cornershop by Uber’s freelance roster, I created the following:

  • An advertisement for three of their products. 
  • Two custom checkout messages for their app. 
  • 2 pieces of Romance copy for their bags.
  • A blog post on Cornershop’s versatility.
  • A script on the convenience of 1 hour delivery. (Screenplay, dialogue, jingle etc).

Seen below are a couple of samples from the above mentioned tasks.

  1. The assignment indicated that the target audience must be reached in 2-3 sentences. The three products were Beers, Diapers & Onions. The task was to write a long description regarding an ongoing promotion for the Cornershop by Uber app. 

“Beer : Best bet, there’s no cap on this one. We’re going to quenchtown to relish the pleasures of life with these peachy promos. 

Diapers : We’ve slashed the prices for your little tot to enjoy safer and drier nights. Say bye to midnight tricks and hassles. What say you, pop before bedtime tonight? 

Onions : No layers and tears to this one, we promise. It’s time to flat out enjoy these half price offers this weekend.

2. The next assignment included writing 2 custom checkout messages accompanying an unusual image at the end of every order. An example of it is shown below for reference. 

• “Job’s a good’un! Sit back, feet up and all. We’ll be OTW soon.” 

• “Dun, dun, done!   Look at you showing us who’s boss.” 

3. The third assignment at hand was to create 2 pieces of romance copy for their reusable shopping bags. The gravity of this task was achieved by discussing the visibility of these bags amidst COVID-19 when online shopping became the primordial theme for individuals, especially those in higher risk locations and hotspots. 

An example of these reusable shopping bags is shown below for reference.

• “Hustling extra hard today? We got you.”

• “Need a hand? Lettuce know!”

MAC Music

Now, on a more creative note:

MAC Music is a global media agency and music label based in London, United Kingdom. The founder and CEO, Vinay Tiwari holds a vision to re-establish/launch artists globally. Vinay Tiwari is an infamous Music Composer and Film Director in India and the United Kingdom, having worked with legendary artists such as Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Jagjit Singh, Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal and more. The music videos with his compositions and directions garner 60 million+ views on average.

Vinay reached out to me regarding my creative skills within the field of Media, Marketing and PR. I continue to work for him as a Freelance Screenplay Writer – including publishing content and copy, as well as editing it.

The directorial board at MAC Music were interested in my capabilities in the creative sphere after taking interest in my book – Echoes and Blooms. As my next step at MAC Music, I intend on working as an A&R with them.

If you’re interested in learning more about MAC Music, you may click the links below.