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How To Plan A Corporate Event Amidst The Pandemic

1. Collecting Data

There are plenty of ways to cater to your audience. It begins with getting to know them. Remember, you can’t impress an audience if you are unfamiliar with their expectations. Survey your audience and ask them their likeliness to attend the virtual event. 

2. Adaptability 

Adjusting to the new norm comes with its own set of challenges. Working and cooperating with the staff at the venue to establish safety guidelines is a great place to start. You could also send out a newsletter asking guests to check into the hotel or event venue via mobile app or an online portal to personalize the experience.

Ask guests for their meal preferences if they wish to attend in person. It would be a great idea to send out meals to those attending virtually. In this scenario, remember to take note of the meal preference and other food allergies. 

3. Setting Expectations 

Convey all health guidelines, locations to be present, and a timetable. This is where you can convey the difference in atmosphere and the difficulty of adjusting to a hybrid work model. 

4. Sharing Strategies

Preparing a plan for the discussion will take place is always useful for the attendees. Inform the attendees about what they need to bring with them and what will be provided at the venue. 

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