What Is NoCell And How Does It Encourage Custom Policy Enforcement?

At Pioneer, our team has individually garnered decades worth of experience. If there’s one thing we’ve collectively brought to the table, it is the understanding that distracted driving can be deadly and costly. And on this note, today we want to talk about NoCell™. 

NoCell is an app that we offer that enables custom policy enforcement and limits driver distraction that is caused by mobile device usage. Moreover, the NoCell tag™ generates a ‘NoCell Zone’ in the vehicle to disable any ‘unauthorized’ mobile device apps. 

The NoCell app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It can be installed and utilized on up to three devices per driver. A few factors within the app’s management include:

Full Customization: Use this setting to define parameters which need to be implemented while driving; it is configurable for any fleet and organizational structure.

Commercial-Grade Design: It comes with a powerful iOS and Android compatible software which acts as a standalone solution for fleets of any size and integrates itself with IVMS solutions such as in-vehicle cameras.

Policy Enforcement: Supervisors can enforce policy through removal of distracting apps and receive real-time alerts. 

Privacy Protection: Drivers can disable ‘Tracking Policy Enforcement’ during non-working hours to protect employee privacy.

In a nutshell, NoCell is an app that focuses on the core foundation of driver and fleet safety management, which is to make it a seamless process to help get drivers home to their loved ones.

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