What Is NoCell And How Does It Encourage Custom Policy Enforcement?

With Operation Safe Driver Week coming to an end, it is only the right course of action to discuss alternatives that we can provide you with Pioneer’s In-Vehicle Mentoring System (IVMS) solutions.

What’s in the box for non-ELD tracking devices?

Let us present to you — Eco Drive Panel. This device is manufactured and developed by Ruptela, which is a renowned world-class designer and is leading in the field of GPS tracking and Fleet Telematics.

Eco Panel is ideal for monitoring drivers in real time. It alerts the driver when their movement is causing fuel wastage and accelerating vehicle depreciation. Data and knowledge regarding the driving are sent to the real-time monitoring and control system, which runs a thorough analysis of the driver’s behavior and entails data for their performance evaluation later.

The next versatile non-ELD vehicle tracking device is ‘StarLink TrackerWi-Fi’. This device integrates itself with the driver’s movements and monitors their behavior via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communication.

The StarLink TrackerWi-Fi generates Wi-Fi hotspots in the vehicle for a total of eight devices. It is equipped with a 4G cellular modem, and GPS/GLONASS/Galileo location module, and is created with the ability to navigate inside underground parking lots and in mines.

To conclude, the versatility of StarLink TrackerWi-Fi is simply spectacular with its emergency button support, and built-in data logger. We can connect an array of accessories and provide solutions based on your needs. Be it the Eco-Panel or the StarLink TrackerWi-Fi.

Nevertheless, at Pioneer, we aim for what is above and beyond — and we achieve it successfully, especially when it comes to Vehicle Diagnostics, Fuel Flow Meters, Panic Buttons, Motion sensors, and so much more.

Tackling Risk Management With SOBEREYE

To provide clients with a solution for workplace impairment, Pioneer has proudly partnered with SOBEREYE. Their proactive testing and monitoring product addresses employee impairment in the workforce with the utmost intent of creating a safe and inclusive environment for them.

SOBEREYE’s technology stems from the core of Neuroscience, Ophthalmology, Iris Recognition, and Image Processing. To go a ‘fleet beyond most’, their technology measures impairment risk from fatigue, alcohol, prescription, and other drugs with a non-invasive and simple eye test.

SOBEREYE’s One-Minute Self Test is done via a portable device that has a built-in Iris Recognition program and identifies the person under test. Moreover, it delivers immediate test results.

It is crucial to discuss the sheer power of impairment testing. Not only does it promote safe behaviors, but it is also accepted by employees and helps to proactively detect impairment risk reducing the likelihood of harm from a workplace incident.

What Is IVMS? (In-Vehicle Monitoring System)

At Pioneer you don’t simply buy an IVMS product for your business, plug it in, and hope it works for you. We offer a different experience, we partner with you to help make decisions that work in terms of product selection, features, data analysis, and reports. We also offer our experience and knowledge from a client perspective having used IVMS as driver supervisors and drivers.

We do this by putting together an IVMS pilot project to determine if the solutions offered will meet your needs. We have partnered with our clients on pilot projects that have proven that a positive driver experience and road safety can be achieved effectively through Pioneer’s IVMS.

Firstly, before one ventures down the path of purchasing and implementing their very own IVMS program, it is important to question the current state of the company. Benchmarking your fleet against that of industry peers, those with IVMS and those without, will call attention to the potential area of improvement and will aid in the procurement process.

Some examples could include your current fuel spending, fuel economy, GHG emissions, and much more. Secondly, through a variety of Pioneer’s IVMS options, opt for the appropriate solution and conduct a pilot project. Moreover, we assist and guide you in choosing the vehicles that require IVMS, establish staff roles, and most importantly, develop a training and communications campaign for drivers and supervisors.

The next step is quick, but also the focal point of the entire project — deploying and rolling out the solution. Lastly, we sit at the table with the stakeholders for a review of the pilot study. Here, we review and evaluate the performance and adjust the IVMS if and where necessary.

IVMS can have a direct and immediate impact on a fleet once implemented. Telematics can be used to help improve driving behaviors through the monitoring of Hard Braking,

Seat Belt Use, Speed Warnings, and other alerts are sent out to the driver’s supervisor and/or manager for driver coaching.

These five steps can provide you with the confidence to know that the IVMS that you selected will be fit-for-purpose for your business needs and more importantly, improve driver behaviors to help them return home safely.

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