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The Complexities Of Traditional Brokerages vs. What Land Services Group Is Doing To Challenge The Narrative

Real Estate amounts to 60% of the world’s largest mainstream assets [1] equity, fixed income investments, cash, and commodity – but it remains one of the least tech-savvy institutes within realty. The aspects contributing to the worldly definition of ‘normal’ are evolving each day and real estate brokerages are trying to keep up.

A traditional method of running a real estate firm involves a comparatively slower process and innumerable factors that pose ineffectiveness. The costs remain perpetually high, and the aim to reach a mutual benefit with estate brokers and clients remains unaccomplished. However, necessity is the mother of all inventions, and assuredly an enormous headway has been made in the realm of technology-based brokerage.

Various promising tech-based solutions offer plenty of benefits that indefinitely increase options for investing in real estate. This can be done through blockchain, cloud technology, machine learning, and many other variants that assist in creating a holistic and successful future for realty. Cloud-based brokerage, a denominator of cloud technology, is a form of realty that uses aggregation, integration, and customization brokerage which provides technology and implements a much-defined role of IT.

In a nutshell, it is a business model where the consumers of cloud-based brokerage offer real estate services such as providing data, property reports, updates, and security to cloud-based consumers. When understanding cloud-based brokerage, its advantages are of paramount importance to note; integration is offered between various cloud brokers, depletion of dependency on one sole provider, offering advice related to realty, and assisting enterprises as a third party, too. [2]

As per a commercial real estate report by Deloitte’s U.S. Center for Financial Services on Blockchain, “Blockchain technology enhances the core foundation of commercial real estate operations such as property transactions, purchases, financing, sales, and leasing and management.” [3]

PropTech (Property Technology), the utilization of Information Technology (IT), to assist companies and individuals conduct their research says that before companies buy or sell their assets in real estate it is necessary to note that an estimated 68% of CEOs were aiming at commercial real estate, with a mere 33% targeting residential real estate.[4] When discussing the statistics – 60% of the world’s largest mainstream assets – [5] equity, fixed income investments, cash, and commodities – belong to real estate investments and land development costs.

The goals achieved with the use of PropTech include minimizing real estate costs,

transactions, and resources. On the opposite end, the goal is to maximize efficient methods that would help save time and personalize the management of properties. Land Services Group – a cloud-based real estate brokerage – has plenty to offer to the new normal that we’re experiencing at this point.

The company consists of prevailing professionals who specialize in developing land for both commercial and residential properties in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. The team is led by notable advisors such as Reza Esmaeili, the Broker of Record and CEO of Land Services Group. Land Services Group aims to remain unconstrained by the limitations of traditional brokerages and not play by the handbook of Brick-and-Mortar methods such as minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency.

Instead, with the costs saved after refraining from spending on office spaces, corporations and agents are heading towards a comparatively sustainable future within the space of realty, since cloud brokerages utilize 15% of the energy of a data center/physical office and decrease carbon footprint – both of which are inevitable to control when operating from a data center.

[6] This is observed thoroughly when the company focuses on thriving its sales specialists by providing them with an all-rounded guide about everything that would contribute to their best version as a sales representative, by Reza himself and the Chief Operating Officer, Victor Huang – both of who are skilled in the sphere of utilizing a cloud-based brokerage.

Land Services Group takes it up a notch by dispensing a vast amount of admin support, marketing resources, and training. The costs saved via this method aid in accomplishing the brokerage’s fiscal and realty goals. Innovative technology is the key to growing and evolving with time. Without making the most use of this key in the sphere of technology, it would be impossible to meet the evolving demands of their clientele. Some of these demands include working with greener, digitally forward, and proactive businesses.

The notion of disregarding traditional brokerage to switching to virtual reality is essential for businesses to thrive. The Broker of Record and CEO, Reza Esmaeili says “The world of real estate post-COVID-19 is beginning to adapt to its truest and unrivaled form – a Cloud Based Brokerage system – Land Services Group is here to create an ecosystem that succeeds through shared information and providing support on both ends of the spectrum which consists of our agents and the company’s clientele.”

There are manifold reasons to switch to a cloud-based brokerage or any other form of technology that contributes to the demands of clients –working with greener, digitally forward, and proactive businesses. The primary one is Cost Savings. Cloud-based brokerages can reduce their costs significantly by not operating directly from an office space and its equipment. It is time to bid farewell to overhead fixed costs.

As a fact of the matter, many physical offices shut down as a consequence of the 2008 housing crash. It was a combination of rising housing prices that caused the market to plummet and nosedive into a catastrophe in the world of realty. The hike in subprime mortgages resulted in real estate costs reaching unsustainable heights. Mortgage payments doubled and tripled each month and wages dropped lower with time too –

People found themselves out of a job and this further plunged the US and the rest of South America, as well as parts of Europe into an economic crisis.

[7] Switching from a traditional brokerage to operating as a cloud-based brokerage as

Land Services Group does set a precedent where one can fill their cup with strategic plans and mission objectives, which include an annual monetary budget. Ultimately, reduced costs can be used to pass on training material or commissions which results in a definite meeting of the demands made by sales representatives, such as virtual tours, easier paperwork, as well as having the administration review documents and solve problems quicker than in a traditional model of brokerage.

Scalability is another one of the reasons why this switch is imperative. Nearly all brokers account for the mindset of “How do I expand outside my market?” In traditional brokerage, the only choice to target an audience in a particular market would be by opening a physical office to gain value, monetary profit, and cause lead generation.

However, through the incredible ways of Cloud-Based Brokerage, this amount can be invested into an SEO specialist that partakes in methods like Geotagging and the greatest possible use of search engines to gain the primary and secondary audience. This makes expansion and scalability a near walk in the park.

Lastly, a significant reason Cloud-Based Brokerages such as Land Services Group are triumphant amongst their peers and competitors is owing to the appeal it has towards agents. This includes a wider range of visibility into crucial business metrics such as commissions, transactions, and awards.

These core elements can successfully be achieved via lead generation, which is best done with state-of-the-art technology and software, as well as content marketing tools. With a mere internet connection, agents can actively work on a deal from any and each corner of the world. This collaborative outline economizes time. Ergo; time is a commodity.

Victor Huang, the Chief Operating Officer of the company says, “Our entire focus right now is on our specialists and boosting their existent personal brand, as well as their rich expertise in many aspects of marketing, engineering, and real estate. This is all attributable to the time saved and economized through a cloud-based brokerage.”

Cloud computing is a prime factor, especially today, in maintaining a personal connection, motivating agents by conducting modules and workshops that are funded through the brokerage’s cost-saving techniques, producing shorter wait times, and continuing to mold the world of real estate.

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